31 December 2010

NYE; Dreaming Of a Fabulous 2011

It's new years eve and I'm thinking about the past year with a smile on my face.
It has been an incredible year for me with the start of my blog.
I got the opportunity to meet new people, experience new things and even more traveling and exploring this beautiful world with the my beloved ones.
Next year will be even better, bigger and more fashionable fun and hopefully I will be able to share it with you all!
Thank you for reading my blogpost and all the sweet comments I receive every day.
Without you, blogging wouldn't have been as fun as it is for me now.
I wish you a year full of fun, happiness, love, and an amazing year to achieve all the dreams you dream of...
Let's dream and make them come true.
Happy new year to you!
Black Leather Ankle Boots; Asos
Black Bow Head Band; Asos
Black Circle Scarf; Zara
Black Trousers; Dorothy Perkins
Leather Jacket; Asos
Rust Drape Crop Top Dress; Asos

28 December 2010

Put a ring on it...

After a good christmas weekend with my family and friends I have a day off to relax before another party will start for the new year.
This weekend "santa" surprised me with the amazing YSL coral ring and I couldn't ask for more!
The snow is disappearing more and more in Rotterdam.
So today I tried to have fun in the snow for maybe the last time this year.
Wearing my new blouse with cut out shoulders from Hong Kong and put my new ring on it and I was ready to go...

Black Legging; Pull and Bear
Black Lace Up Wedges; Ebay
Brown Cut Out Shoulder Blouse; Unknown
Golden Coral Arty ring; YSL
Leopard Bag; Unknown

25 December 2010

Merry Pink Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all!
I wish you a great day with your family and friends with a lot of fun, love, happiness and so much more...
For tonight I dressed up in pink for a cozy family christmas dinner
and spending the rest of the night at the christmas tree with presents and my loved ones..

Black Coat; Unknown
Black Leather Ankle Boots; Asos
Pink Leather Dress; Asos Black

22 December 2010

Back In Town

After 40 hours non stop traveling from Hong Kong, I finally arrived in white winter wonderland; Holland.
Seeing the landscape all covered in snow, it's so magical.
I could get used to the white scenery here, if not for the cold.
The last week I have spend in Hong kong, our last destination.
It was a great week.
Seeing my boyfriend after 10 weeks being separated, spending a lot time in shopping malls,
eating delicious food and just being together with my family.
But now I'm back in reality and hopefully more time for blogging.
I just want to thank everyone for all your kind comments the last few weeks.
It was lovely to read them all.

Black Leather Detail Legging; From Hong Kong
Black Leather Hat; From Toronto
Golden Key Ring; From Hong Kong
White Sweater; From Hong Kong

10 December 2010

Out And About In Sydney

The last past days I have spend in Sydney and her beaches.
Exploring the city and did some shopping,
enjoying the sun as much as I can before I will be back in Holland where the temperature drops to minus.

We also did a cruise to see the skyline and Opera House from another view.
And we even got invited by the captain to come and try to sail for ourselves, a great experience.
In the end everyone survived the trip with us behind the wheel.

Last night we went out in the city and had a really good night. With just a short night sleep,
I’m now on my way to the airport for the last destination of our trip.

06 December 2010

The Great Ocean Road

Yesterday Lieu and I drove from Melbourne to Port Campbell via the Great Ocean Road with beautiful beach scenic views.
We saw gorgeous beaches, tbe big blue ocean
and the famous 12 Apostles; massive stone rocks in the sea.

At the end of the day I even woke up a sleeping kaola bear.
He was sleeping in the tree and looked so cute!
I definitely want to cuddle him, to bad he didn’t think the same about my idea.

Now we are on our way back to Sydney.
To spend our last days down under there, before we fly further to our last destination.

02 December 2010

Australia; The Good Life Down Under

Australia is the new destination for the next two weeks.
After landing in Sydney, Lieu and I took the car for a new roadtrip.
This time we had to get used to driving on the left side of the road. Not something we do every day in Holland.
The next few weeks I will be a danger on the Australian road, so be careful Aussies!

Australia is known for their cute kaolas and kangeroos, we really hoped to spot some of those wildlife animals.
And it already happened on the first weekend here in Australia.
We even could feed a wild kangaroo and even more wild pelicans!

We spend one day in the rainforest and drove at the waterfall road to see beautiful waterfalls,
climbing in the tree and had an amazing view over the whole forest.

In a small town Yamba we did a ten buck tour and believe me it was definitely worth the money.
We saw all the surf beaches over there.
And went cliff jumping from a 8 meter high rock.
It was so scary, but also fun at the same time.

I even took surf lessons and after two hours I manage to stand on the board.
I hope the next few days I have the time to spend more hours on the water with a surfboard.

Life is good down under…

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