31 May 2011

OUTFIT | A Touch Of Pink

 A simple look with a touch of pink. 

I wore this look yesterday while the weather was great, but didn't had the time to make any photos of it.
So this morning I took my sister outside to make proper photos. 
This time I had to grab a jacket with me, because the weather turned 360 degrees into a cold and rainy day...

 Nude Power Shoulder Jacket; Supertrash | Nude Palazzo Trousers; Asos | Orange / Pink Bag; Asos | Pink Scarf As Top; From Dubai

29 May 2011

OUTFIT | Neon Light At The Park

 After coming back home from my vacation in Dubai, there was a big package waiting for me...
The mailman brought me this beautiful neon bag, I was longing for this amazing bag for such a long time.
The Cambridge satchel bag is finally mine!

Today it was time to bring the bag outside and show the world her beauty.
I spend the whole afternoon at the park with my friends for the Dunya Festival.
A great sunday with good company, food, drinks, music and off course my new love...
 Brown Cut Out Shoulder Blouse; From Hong Kong | Brown Sandals; Unknown
Neon Yellow Bag; The Cambridge Satchel Company | Nude Trousers; Mango

28 May 2011

TRAVEL | Dubai Sky High

 Here are the last few pictures from my vacation in Dubai. 
On the last day we went to see the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. 
From above we had an amazing view of the city and the surroundings, we could even see some of the countries from the World island project.
It's not only the city which has a lot to offer, there are also so many different kitchen representative 
I have tried this week so many different kind of food and must say I just love it!

While I'm writing this back home and looking at all the pictures I'm missing Dubai already...

P.S. Thanks for all the sweet words you writing to me. It really makes my day!

27 May 2011

TRAVEL | Night Out In Dubai

 Spending our last night here in Dubai, within a few hours I'll be at the airport for my flight back to the Netherlands.
This was such an amazing vacation, just what I needed!

Last night we went out in town and it was SUPER nice.
We had the best view ever at the 360° Bar, harbor and sea view on one side and on the other side the city. 
Happy hour made me drink a lot of Mojito's and the only man in our company was knock down after a drink or two. 

See you back in Holland, hopefully with a lot of sun...

25 May 2011

TRAVEL | Dubai And The Highlights

 Another beautiful day here in Dubai. 
This morning we drove through Dubai to see all the highlights this city has to offer.
Everything, and I really mean everything is possible here in Dubai. 
They really know how to build a city in just a few years! 
The bigger the better...

And oh MY, times flies when you're having fun! 
Just two days left, before I will be back home.
But first I need to see and do so much more things...

P.S. Thanks for all the sweet comments, I love sharing my travel pictures with you guys. Giving you the idea you're traveling with me!

24 May 2011

TRAVEL | Abu Dhabi Day Trip

 We woke up early in the morning this week for a day trip to Abu Dhabi.
The capital city of the United Arabic Emirates. 

The trip took us to the most beautiful mosque I have ever seen. 
It was an huge white building and beautiful from both the inside as the outside.

Not only we have seen the biggest mosque we have also seen one of the two seven stars hotel in the world; The Emirates Palace. 
The building has a traditional vibe and the design was just gorgeous. 
Not to mention the whole area around it!

After this the tour guide took us too the beach area where we could see the skyline of Abu Dhabi. 
The view was nice if you like high buildings and even more high buildings. 
Reminds me of New York City somehow; one of my favorite city.
The sea was crystal clear with white sandbeach, a true paradise...