30 October 2010

White Winter Wonderland

In last than four weeks we have seen three different seasons Mother Nature can give us.
Hot summer days in Florida, beautiful fall landscapes on our way to the north of the states
and now a white winter wonderland in Yellowstone Park.
We had two days to explore this white wonderland.
From east to north and all the way back to the south part of the park,
we spotted a few wildlife animals and saw some amazing nature wonders.

Now we have enough of the cold weather, we are going to heat up in Vegas within a day!

27 October 2010

Life Is Sweet

After a good three days visit in Chicago, we’re now heading to Mount Rushmore.
On our way we had a few stops, for example in Le Mars – where life is sweet.
Le Mars is also known as the ‘Ice Cream Capital of the World’.
And of course we couldn’t resist trying the ice cream there. So we had one giant scoop of Strawberry Cheesecake and another giant scoop of Brownie Fudge Fantasy.
We could definitely agree that life in Le Mars is indeed very sweet.

Before the day turned into night, we had one more stop in The Badland National Park.
Where these photos are taken.
And believe me when I say, the view was breath taken.
It could definitely be a set of an amazing nature movie.

23 October 2010

Let The Wind Blow You Away

This morning when I woke up, the sun was shining.
After breakfast we went to mount Baldy in Michigan City, a big sand dune.
And with big, I mean really big!
From this sand dune you have an amazing view of Lake Michigan.
And when you look really good, you could see Chicago on the other side.
After a hour or two, we were finally ready to drive further to Chicago, our destination.
Known as the windy city.
Tomorrow a new day, in a new city, with more and more adventures.

19 October 2010

City Travel; Washington DC And New York City

After becoming one with nature, it was time to socialize with the people in the city again.
We started in Washington DC, the capital city of the USA.
We visited a lot of monuments, all over the city.
And of course we could not leave Washington DC, without visiting the White house. And before we knew it, we saw Michelle Obama passing by.
There was another surprise waiting for us.
We got free tickets to visit the backyards of the White house.
Here we had a really close look at the house. It was surprisingly small and very white.
It was a day full of unexpected moments.

In Washington DC we learned a lot about the history of the United States. There is a well known sentence: E Pluribus Unum; out of many, one.

And the Big Apple, our next stop is for sure one out of many.
It was our last minute decision to come to the city that never sleeps.
There are so many things to do and we had just two days ahead of us.
The days were filled with all the things we wanted to see and do.
We took the ferry to Staten Island, to see the Statue Of Liberty. Walking from financial disrict to Soho and the way back to Fifth Avenue. We had bubble tea in China town and before we knew it we decided to have a new haircut there as well.

In Brooklyn we had a good sushi lunch. Grand central station and Rockafeller Center were also on our “to do list”.
When the sun was under, we walked over the Manhattan Bridge, to see the skyline of New York by night. And took the subway to The Times Square for a really good New York Style cheesecake.

Now we just have a few hours left and then it is already time to leave this amazing city.

15 October 2010

Fall Fairytale

Fall is one of my favorite season.
The color changes from green into beautiful brown, yellow en red colors.
The last few days we were driving through the national parks of the states.
You could see how nature has change into a fall fairytale.
It looks so magical.

I bought this dress in Miami to wear it for the beach weather there.

But the red tones in this dress, suits perfectly in the woods too.

To make it more fall approve, I wore this dress with my brown shearling wedges en a fake fur scarf.


Next stop is Washington DC.

After a few days there, we will visit New York City again.

It was not in the planning to go there, but how could we resist it.

You can just hear the big apple screaming for us!


Brown Fake Fur Scarf; Asos
Brown Shearling Wedges; Bershka
Red Dress; Unknown

14 October 2010

Leaves are falling as the fall is calling

After the cities on the gulf we had a few more stopovers in Florida.
We went to the fleamarket and shell factory in Fort Myers.
Looking for shark tooth at Capersen Beach.
Visted a funfair in Kissimmee.
In Orlando we had a city walk at the Universal studios.
Gainesville and Jacksonville were the last cities in Florida and now we are heading up north.
First Georgia, state of the peaches. In Savannah we explored the old city town and visited the city market.

On our way to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, we can see that fall has come to town.
We left sunshine Florida and could welcome mister Rain immediately.
The roads are long and with all the trees and forest around us, we have a great view from our window car.