27 February 2010

270210; Something Red, Gold And Oh So Round

Today’s outfit.
Today I decided to wear something simple except for my new adorable red ring.
One of the many new purchases from Forever 21.
I’m in love, adorable isn't it?
Have a nice weekend!
Black White Stipe Top; New Look
Black Suede Lace Up Booties; Urban Outfitters
Grey Trousers; Miss Selfridge

26 February 2010

250210; Lucky Touch Of Pink And Some Grey

Today’s outfit.
I love the of pink and grey combination in this top.
And of course the detail in front.
Today was my lucky day!
This morning I received my Forever 21 order.
It took them almost three months and I wasn't hopeful anymore, but it finally arrived today!
I will show my new purchases soon, promise.
Black Suede Lace Up Booties; Urban Outfitters
Black Shoulder Blazer; Primark
Pink And Grey Top; Asos
Ripped Jeans; Coolcat

24 February 2010

Got The Key To My Roof

Sometimes I go up on the rooftop to enjoy the view.
Just love the view, so nice and quiet.
After spending time on the rooftop my mind seems peaceful again.
Spending an afternoon relaxing on the roof after a day of working.
So enjoy the view ;), my lovely readers!
Black Legging; Pull and Bear
Black See Through Top; River Island
Black Suede Lace Up Booties; Urban Outfitters
Grey Drape Jacket; Crafted

23 February 2010

Cobra Starship; Rising Stars

Last Sunday I went to the concert of Cobra Starship in Amsterdam.
You probably know them from their song “Good girls go bad”.
I love their new album, Hot Mess.
It's really a hot hot mess!
It was a night full of fun and dancing around on my new wedges matching with my leather jacket.
I`m wearing my wedges non-stop, no addiction at all ;)
Here are some pictures. One with my friend May from Obsessed Fur Love.
Black Dress; Motel
Light Brown Faux Leather Jacket; Forever 21
Light Brown Suede Wedges; Zara
Pink Bag; Aldo
Rings; Aldo, Forever 21

Beautiful Blogger Award; And The Nominees Are…

I just got my very first blogger award from the Lovely Joy and Lovert. Thank you very much for this Beautiful Blogger Award girls. Because of this award I have to share 7 facts with you all. So here it goes:

* I am a twin. We don’t really look the same and we both have different styles.

* Last summer I've finished my study and I work full time now. My work doesn’t have anything to do with fashion at all.

* I love shoes in different styles, shape and colours. But I don’t wear sneakers. You can only find me with sneakers on in the gym.

* I hope to “Travel In Style” around the world this year with my twin sister for two months.

* Every year my sister and I have a theme for our birthday party. Last year the theme was “High Heels and Animal Chic”.

* Every time whenever I want to see my bf I have to “Travel In Style” from Rotterdam to Amsterdam.

* I have an addiction for online shopping. Loves Topshop, Asos, Miss Selfridge, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters. You name it, I love it!

So now you know a little bit more about me! I want to give the next bloggers this Beautiful Blogger Award for their lovely and fashionable style:
* AfterDRK
* Bloomingvogue
* Fashion Phylosophy
* JadoreVogue
* Mode d'amour
* Mode-Rosa
* Posh Daily`s Style

Love to look everyday at these blogs!
The rules for the nominees are...

1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award.
2. Put the award on your blog.
3. Link the blogger who nominated you.
4. Share 7 interesting facts.
5. Nominate 7 other bloggers.

Have a nice week full of inspiring outfits.

20 February 2010

Can London Buy My Love?

Like I promised my new purchases from London.
I didn’t buy that much, but just love all the things i did buy!
As you can see I’m into stripes, dots, bows and prints.Give me more and more prints…
In the next few weeks I will show more details of all the pieces.
Here are also some random shots I made in London. Most pictures are by night. London has something magical.
And YES London can buy my love!
Have a nice and fashionable weekend.

19 February 2010

190210; Stripe Away

Today’s outfit.
All I’m wearing are my new purchases from London. Love them all!
I especially love the combination of the colours in this sweater, the detail of the legging
and of course my oh so lovely new shoes.
And yes wedges again!
My other new buys will come soon, promise ;)
Black Legging; Pull and Bear
Black See Through Top; River Island
Grey Pink stripe sweater; Urban Outfitters
Light Brown Suede Wedges; Zara

17 February 2010

140210; Picture Heart Perfect

I’m back from my shopping trip to London with my bf.
It was like four days non-stop spending time in the shopping streets of London.
Love London for sure. How can you not fall in love with a real shopping Walhalla, right?!
This week I will show you some of my new purchases from London. Stay tuned!
But first my Valentines day outfit.
Love, love, love this perfect hearted skirt. It really screams wear me on Valentine and yes off course I did.

Black Studded Pocket Top; River Island
Brown Studded Wedges; Aldo
Pink Hearted Skirt; River Island

10 February 2010

100210; LAY-er on my shoulder

Today`s outfit.
I love the leather detail of this cardigan. "You can LAY-er down your head on my shoulder".
Also the detail of the cut-out bodysuit is adorable.
I think I have a fling for shoulder details...

Black Layer Cardigan; Asos
Black Cut-out Bodysuit; Urban Outfitters
Grey Zipper Jeans; Zara

07 February 2010

Put some new pink shoes on and suddenly…

As promised my party outfit with my new pink totally lovely shoes.
Now you know how much I`m in love with these shoes!
I think I can`t stop talking about them haha…But I will!

I surprised my bf with a trip to London for his birthday.
So next week; London here we come.
We`ve been there before, but we both love London and all the shopping streets so much that we can`t wait to go there again and again.

P.S. Does anyone know great restaurants for dinner in London?

Black Mesh Dress; Asos
Black Pink shoes; Asos
Golden Bracelet; Forever 21
Golden Earrings; Primark
Rings: Forever 21

05 February 2010

050210; Winter Wooden Wonderland

Took these pictures a month ago on New Year`s day. One of my favorite winter outfit.
I wore this outfit so many times and also today.
The winter is a perfect excuse to wear nice gloves, scarf, and offcourse booties!
The first time I saw these booties on UO, I knew I want it.
Fell in love, need it & got to have it.
These booties are made for walking, they are very comfortable.
And I LOVE the combination of suede and the wooden wedge.

Black Suede Coat; Topshop
Black Suede Lace Up Booties; Urban Outfitters
Cream Pink Knitwear; Topshop
Golden Necklace; Forever21
Pink Bag; Aldo
Ring; H&M
Ripped Jeans; Coolcat