27 November 2010

Adventures In New Zealand

The last couple days I have spent on another “island”; New Zealand.
After arriving in Auckland we took the car and left for two days to the Bay of Island in the north part of this island.
On our first day, we explored the sea life with a dolphin swimming trip. It was amazing to see and swim with these wild animals in the sea.

The next day we did a tour to Cape Reigna, known as the most northern part of New Zealand. Standing at that place and looking at the ocean, seems like standing at the end of the world. I could stare at the ocean for hours… At this point you can see the Tasman sea and the Pacific ocean coming together because of the color difference of the water. It is such a beautiful nature wonder!

On our way back we drove “the 90 mile beach” for a sand board experience.
With a boogie board in my hand I had to walk all the way up to the highest point of a sand dune. And there was just one fast way to come back; sand boarding! After one ride down I had sand everywhere, from my hair to my toe!

Writing about this sandboard experience after two days I actually can still find sand somewhere ;). We are now in our new destination for a new roadtrip. You will find out where I am in the next post.

22 November 2010

Fiji; Another week in Paradise

After leaving Hawaii, Lieu and I hopped on the airplane to go to another paradise; Fiji.

It’s Fiji time! Which means: relax and take it very easy.
The last couple days we indeed took it very easy, but time flies by when you’re having fun in paradise…

Our days were filled with hanging out at the beach or swimming pool, with a “island affair” or “tropical sin” cocktail in our hand.
Snorkeling and kayaking in the ocean. Walking at the long white sandy beaches at South Sea Island.
Having a delicious tropical dinner at our resort and got entertained by Fijian people from the small villages.

We couldn’t ask for more..
Now it’s time for our new destination and more adventures.

16 November 2010

Aloha; A True Paradise

The last couple days I have spend on a paradise called Hawaii; Oahu.

We stayed near the famous Waikiki beach and each morning I could roll out my bed onto the beach.
A true paradise indeed…

Hawaii; Oahu doesn’t only have beaches, there is so much more to discover.
This island has some beautiful nature treasures hidden all over the place.
And we had to see them all.
Even the water life is exciting. With a snorkeling tour at Hanauma Bay we had a closer look at all the exotic fishes and corals.
We even saw a water turtle swimming around us.

By night we got entertained as they do it here; the Polynesian style.
I even learned how to hula dance their way. I’m not good in it though but still it’s a lot of fun to learn it.

Tomorrow it’s already time to leave this paradise for another one…

P.S. Mahalo (thank you) readers for all your sweet comments on the last few post. I really appreciate every single one of them!

13 November 2010

Los Angeles; Golden California Girl

Before we would leave the golden state California we made our last stop in Los Angeles.
We spend our last days in the hills of Hollywood;
walking on the walk of fame, window shopping in Rodeo Drive and for real in Melrose Avenue,
went free to a premiere of a movie and spotted even some stars.
For one moment I really felt like a golden California girl ;).

And on our last night we met up with Christine from Tie Me A Bow.
She shows us around in her city and we had delicious Korean BBQ dinner. 

It was nice to meet her and much fun!

We are now on our way to our next destination…
soon more about it.

10 November 2010

Life On The South Coast Road

After spending a few days in San Francisco it was already time to leave this city.
I had my ups and down in this city with all the hills.
The last three days I had a better workout walking through the city than this whole year at the gym!
Yesterday our road trip continued, we drove further to our last destination in the states; Los Angeles.
On our way we had an amazing view of the south coast of the States from highway one.
With a few stops on the road, we now finally arrived in LA!
Tomorrow it’s time to explore this city and her treasures for us.