31 March 2010

300310; Comfort Meets Simple

Today`s outfit.
I’m wearing something comfortable and simple.
After work my sister and I went to a friend of us in Delft for dinner.
It was so nice to catch up again.
Every girl should have a girls night once in a while!
How was your day?
Black Trousers; Dorothy Perkins
Light Brown Suede Wedges; Zara
Pink Knitwear; Topshop

27 March 2010

270310; Meet My New Love

The weekend had started already. This the best part of the week and it's even better if you don’t need to work!
This weekend I'll spent some quality time with my girls! I haven't seen them for awhile.
It’s hard to find the time to meet up, but when it happens it always great!
Wearing my new blouse from Topshop. And you might think again NUDE.
I couldn’t help myself.
I saw this blouse on my last trip to London and I was still regretting for not buying it there. So when I saw it online on Topshop, I just had to have it.
So dear readers meet my new love!

Black Lace Up Booties; Ebay
Denim Shorts; Forever 21
Nude Zipper Blouse; Topshop

24 March 2010

240310; Make A Drape Statement

Today’s outfit.
As I promised, here are some pictures of me wearing my new striped drape jacket that I bought yesterday.
Love the drape in the front of the jacket.
And the stripes give the jacket a final touch.
Today I was hanging around all day on my balcony with my friend May.
It was a lot of fun and the weather was so lovely again.
Black See Through Studded Top; River Island
Black Suede Lace Up Booties; Urban Outfitters
Ripped Jeans; Coolcat
Striped Drape Jacket; H&M

23 March 2010

230310; Nude Touch Of Sheer

Today the magic is also in the air. Really a spring feeling.
Wearing my new top from Topshop.
Can you tell which colour is my favourite?! Nude for sure!
I went shopping with my sister.
Bought a nice striped drape jacket. Will show it very soon.
Have a great evening…
Black Knee Socks; H&M
Black Layer Cardigan; Asos
Black Silk Short; Asos
Black Strappy Shoes; Asos
Nude Sheer Top; Topshop

22 March 2010

220310; Dont Mesh With The Dress

Beginning of a new week and a new season!
The weather is getting better and better.
Did you notice?
For me a good reason to wear dresses again. Love the mesh detail in this dress.
I want to wish you a wonderful week with a lot of beautiful outfits and great weather.

Black Lace Up Booties; Ebay
Black Mesh Dress; Asos
Pink Drape Cardigan; Primark

21 March 2010

210310; Relaxing Sunday Spring Mood

Today's outfit.
It`s officiallly spring!
The sun is shining and I almost feel a warm spring breeze.
I wasn't in the mood to wear anything special.
Just a simply outfit for a relaxing sunday hanging around with my bf.
I received a few awards. I want to thank LA and Demelzaap for the "Sunshine Award", Risyahoneydew and Suzy for the "I Love Your Blog Award"!
Thanks girls. Everyone go check out their lovely blog!
Have a nice first spring day! Enjoy your sunday

Black Suede Lace Up Booties; Ebay
Denim Short; Forever 21
Grey Leather Jacket; Oasis
White Ruffle Blouse; Miss Selfridge

19 March 2010

180310; Wrap The Harness Necklace Around Me

Today’s outfit. I just can not get enough of this harness necklace.
Would love to wear it together with the see through studded top every day.
I totally love this combination.
Today I took some pictures with my friend May from Obsessed fur love.
She made my new header, what do you think of it?
And go check out her amazing blog!
Black See Through Studded Top; River Island
Black Silk Short; Asos
Black Suede Lace Up Booties; Ebay
Nude Boyfriend Blazer; Asos

17 March 2010

170310; Bring The Summer Feeling In The Air

It's finally a little bit warmer here in Holland.
So I decided to dress up and wear my new top like a skirt.
The second perfect drape skirt! Love it!
I thought I wouldn't find the perfect one after I made my own, but as you can see it's still possible.

Enjoy the sun!

Black Caged Boots; Colin Stuart
Nude Drape Skirt; Asos
Pink Knitwear; Topshop