26 February 2011

OUTFIT | Search For Orange

Last week in London I was looking for this orange shirt in every Zara store I could find, but with no luck. 
Sold out everywhere...
This week Kamsing surprised me with a phone call from Amsterdam. 
He told me that I could stop searching for orange, because he found the shirt in the Zara store in Amsterdam.
He managed to get the last piece in the whole store...
Amazing how he surprised me!
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 Black Wooden Wedges; New LookGrey Metal Details Jacket; Topshop
Light Grey Leather Short; Secondhand Orange Shirt; Zara

22 February 2011

OUTFIT | Colorful Wardrobe

 This morning I was looking outside my window and it seems like spring. 
A beautiful blue sky and I couldn't spot any clouds in the air.
There was only one thing when I took a step outside, that makes me realize winter is not over yet. 
Yes the cold, the very cold winter breeze... 
I couldn't wait for spring to combine two colorful things. 
So today I took the challenge to mix and match pink with peach. 
Two beautiful colors that even even looked better matched together.

 Brown Ankle Boots; Zara | Brown Fur Waistcoat; Zara | Clear Bullet Pendant; Etsy Shop 
Peach Blouse; TopshopPink Open Back Top; From Los Angeles | White Trousers; Asos

20 February 2011

OUTFIT | Bright Red Color

 Lately I'm so into bright colors. 
This time I'm wearing some of my new spring items.
I cannot wait till the weather is better and wear this outfit without the jacket and scarf.
But for now I have too...
Enjoy your sunday!
 Black Circle Scarf; ZaraBlack Leather Jacket; Asos | Brown Ankle Boots; Zara
Brown Tailored Pant; Asos | Red Crochet Top; Topshop

17 February 2011

TRAVEL | London Love: Be mine?!

 Just back from a surprise getaway to London with Kamsing. 
London is one of our favorite city in Europe.
We spend three days non-stop in the shopping streets, luckily Kamsing loves shopping as well. 
It was also a non-stop delicious food parade for breakfast, lunch, dinner and some snacks in between...
Here are some photos of sweet comfort food and a preview of what's new in my closet for this spring!
Be mine?!

14 February 2011

LIFE | Throwing A Surprise Party For Him

 I've thrown a surprise party for my boyfriend's 25th birthday! 

A lot of preperation was needed but definitely worth it all, especially seeing his surprised face. 
Surrounded by our family and friends we had a delicious dinner.

He will turn 25 for real this tuesday and I have another surprise for him...
It involves an airplane, a day or three away, just the two of us! 
See you tomorrow at the airport sweetheart!?

Need to pack my suitcase now, have a good night!

10 February 2011

OUTFIT | Light And White

I'm wearing an almost total white outfit for dinner.
Lately I'm so into white and love to combine it with grey or something bright...
The grey sandals are my new addiction and it seems like I cannot take them off. 
Wish I could wear them twenty four seven, but for now I have to be patient till the weather get warmer and better.

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 Cream Looped Poncho; Forever21Grey Sandals; AsosYellow Ruffle Top; H&M

White Jeans; Asos White Shirt Dress; H&M

06 February 2011

OUTFIT | Weekend Full With Fun

 It was a great weekend full of fun with family and friends. 
Cozy dinners and long nights out in town to party. 
But duty calls as well, waking up 7am in the morning for work is way too early for a good weekend. 
BUT I survived it and enjoyed the weekend the fullest.
Now I need a break for a day or two...
Wearing my new shoes for a dinner party. Mix of grey, white and orange/red. 
For now the perfect color combination if you could ask me, but it might be totally different tomorrow. 
 Black Leather Jacket; Asos Fake Fur Vest; ZaraGrey Dipped Front Shirt; Asos
Grey High Sandals; AsosRed/Orange Bustier Dress; Present From London | White Jeans; Asos

03 February 2011

OUTFIT | Home Is Where The Heart Is

 Spending my day off in the beautiful Amsterdam at my bf place. 
Sometimes it's seems like I'm spending more time in Amsterdam than at my own place...
They say home is where the heart is, right?!
I'm wearing a nude colored outfit for a day out in town. 
Found some amazing spring items at the thrift store. 
I'm so ready for the warm weather. 
Black Leather Jacket; AsosBrown Cut Out Shoulders; From Hong Kong | Brown Studded Wedges; Aldo 
Cream Colored Legging; Forever21 | Cream Looped Poncho; Forever21 | Leopard Bag; From Hong Kong