31 July 2010

300710; Always In Pink Skies

Yesterday's outfit while the sun was shining with a few "pink" clouds in the sky.
When the day turned into the evening I took these shots at my friends place, May from Obsessed fur Love.

This is my other little black dress that I bought for a great price at Newlook and I just love it.
Another perfect LBD!

I also changed my header into this one. Thanks to MAY!! I love it!

P.S. I also made a short move movie to show you more details of the LBD. Enjoy it.
One Sleeve LBD; Newlook
Nude Wedges; Asos

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29 July 2010

290710; Out In Amsterdam

My days off from work has started since yesterday.
So I took my little sister Mai with me for a long "weekend" in Amsterdam at my bf's place.
Showing her around, baking together and most of all having a lot of fun!
Tomorrow we're going to the airport.
My parents are coming home from their five weeks vacation in Vietnam.
I can't wait to see them again!
Today I'm wearing my new printed skirt, which I bought in the sale at Asos.
It was love at first sight when I saw the print, the color and ofcourse the design.
Golden Sandals; Ebay
Pink Bustier; Asos
Printed Skirt; Something Else By Natalie Wood

28 July 2010

280710; Little Black Dress

Today's outfit.
Wearing something simple, but in the meantime also very stylish like a LBD should be.
It's not just a LBD, but one with BIG BIG shoulders.
As many of you may know now, I have a fling for shoulders details!
I will show you guys one more LBD soon. I found an amazing one at New Look...
Black Leather Bag; Topshop
Denim Jacket; H&M
Little Black Power Shoulder Dress; Asos
Golden Strappy Sandals; Ebay

26 July 2010

Summer Sweet Lunch

Today I had a lunch date with a good friend of mine.
We haven't seen each other for a while and in the meantime she went to England for vacation.
Of course I had to meet her again, to hear her amazing stories and to see the photos.
We decided to go to a small eating place called Koekela in Rotterdam.
Here you will find all the sweet home made cakes and brownies.
It was beyond summer sweet delicious!
My monday started very well. I had a great date, as usual.
Enjoy your week!
Brown Clogs; Cafe Moda
Nude Vintage Blouse; Vintage
Soft Pink Top; Unknown

25 July 2010

250710; Show Some Body

Today's outfit.
Wearing my body from Asos with the cut out detail.
I'm in love with it!
It was a relaxing day with sushi for lunch. I couldn't ask for more.
Weekend is almost over, I'm going to enjoy the last few hours of it!
Black Wedges; Asos
Cut Out Body; Asos
Nude Grey Trousers; Topshop

23 July 2010

230710; Blue Tones

Today's outfit with two blue items.
I was looking for weeks for this amazing summer tie dye top and finally found it for a great price on ebay.
Today was a relaxing day with my little sister. We went shopping and I took some nice items home with me.
You always find the best things when you don't look for anything special ;)...
I hope you had a nice day and have a great start of a new weekend!
Blue Tie Dye Top; Warehouse
Blue Scallop Skirt; Style Sofia
Golden Sandals; Ebay

21 July 2010

210710; Out And About In Amsterdam

A relaxing outfit for a day out and about in Amsterdam with my bf.
I'm wearing one of my new sale items from Zara; the hot pink heels!
I could spent more days like this!
Have a great evening...
Grey Jersey Shorts; Forever 21
Hot Pink Heels; Zara
White Blouse; Zara

19 July 2010

Summer Breeze At The Beach

I want to show you guys some pictures of my day at the beach.
The weather was summer sweet with the hot sun and cold breeze from the wind.
I could sunbathing all day.
I hope you all had a nice weekend.
Have a great start of a new week!
Flower Bikini; H&M