30 May 2010

Nude Touch Of Summer

The perfect look for a summer night.
Whenever the summer day is really hot and during the night the wind blows a cold breeze through the air.
I definitely would wear this for a date with my bf or dancing all night long with my girls in the club.
I'm longing for a hot, a really hot summer!
Brown Studded Wedges; Aldo
Denim Zipper Dress; H&M
Nude Boyfriend Blazer; Asos

29 May 2010

Time To Say Goodbye

Our four days in Paris went so fast.
Before I knew it, I was back in the train to Rotterdam.
Ofcourse we had to see the Eiffel Tower again on our last day and saying goodbye.
Enjoying the last few moments in Paris with some super sweet macarons!
I had a great time there and it was so nice to see all those pictures.
I hope you enjoyed my Paris photos! I love to share it with you guys.

28 May 2010

280510; Tonight We Are Walking On Sunshine

Tonight my bf and I went for a romantic walk.
Enjoying the last sunshines of the day and seeing the sun going under.
Wearing this comfortable shorts and to make this look more feminine I put on this nude top.
I love the details of the sleeves.
It's very romantic, don't you think so?
Have a great weekend!
Enjoy it, I will do the same...
Brown Studded Wedges; Aldo
Grey Jersey Shorts; Forever 21
Nude Knotted Blouse; Topshop

27 May 2010

Sight Seeing Tour In Paris

Here are some more pictures of my trip to Paris.
On the third day in Paris we did a sight seeing tour.
I love to see all the nice things in this amazing city. It's so romantic!
Enjoying the weather and each other in the city of love.

Black Lace Up Wedges; Ebay
Brown Power Shoulder Jacket; Supertrash
Dotted Playsuit; H&M
Nude Boyfriend Blazer; Asos

25 May 2010

250510; Little Perfect Violet Dress

My sisters and I where graving for sushi for awhile now.
So today we decided to have a sushi lunch and spend more quality time together.
It was beyond delicious, like it always is!
And we had much fun as well.

I`m wearing my summer dress from last year again.
It was love at first sight when I saw this dress in the Zara store.
The colour was perfect.. the ruffles was perfect.. the totall dress was just perfect for me.

Have a great week.

P.S. I've reached over 500 followers, thank you so much. I love your support and sweet comments!

Brown Gold Details Sandals; Unknown
Brown Power Shoulder Jacket; Supertrash
Ruffle Violet Dress; Zara

23 May 2010

230510; Leather Hot Summer Look

The weather is amazing lately.
It looks like the hot summers days are coming in town and I love it.
Today I'm wearing this hot leather shorts.
I was searching for one for awhile now and succeed my search in Paris.
It is my new and only buy from Paris.
Can you believe it?!

Black Leather Shorts; Uniqlo
Black White Striped Shirt; New Look
Black Lace Up Wedges; Ebay
Black Print Bag; Primark
Nude Boyfriend Blazer; Asos

21 May 2010

The Parisien Look

The second day in Paris I decided to go for the Parisien look.
Wearing this cute one shoulder dress with the bow sandals to make it more comfortable.
We did a lot of sight seeing and at the end of the day a close look at the Eiffeltower.
In the evening it was a little bit colder and I decided to wear my black harem trousers.
The trousers made the Parisien look complete.
I wish you all a great weekend!

Black Harem Trousers; Miss Selfridge
Brown Power Shoulder Jacket; Supertrash
Pink Bow Sandals; River Island
Striped One Shoulder Dress; Asos