30 August 2010

290810; Time To Party

Yesterday my twin sister and I celebrate our 22nd birthday party at a bar.
It was a great evening with our family and friends.
Delicious food, drinks and off course some presents for us...
I hope you had a great weekend too!
Nude Wiggle Hem Dress; H&M
Purple Shoes; Zara

28 August 2010

270810; The Summer Fair

Yesterday I went to The Summer Fair in Noordwijk.
Such a beautiful place to have a summer fair.
The weather turned out better than expected, with even the sun coming through the clouds...
The event was great with a lot of food, drinks, music and amazing beach view.
Maybe there is still a little bit summer in the air!
Brown Power Shoulder Jacket; Supertrash
Golden Sandals; Ebay
White Blouse Dress; H&M

26 August 2010

260810; Time To Change

Look of the day.
The weather is changing.
Summer is officially over in Holland.
It's time to change my wardrobe into Fall pieces...
Black Wedges; Asos
Printed Skirt; Something Else By Natalie Wood
White Blouse; Zara

23 August 2010

230810; Train Ride To My Love

Today after work I went home and packed my suitcase immediatly.
And ran to the train for a hour ride to see him again...
Everytime I'm on my way to see my love again, I love to dress up, but one thing is for sure a must.
The trousers, skirt or shorts must be comfortable!
My week starts perfectly with spending a few days with him.
Black Wedges; Asos
Camel Vintage Trousers; Vintage
Nude Bustier; Asos
White Drape Jacket; New Look

21 August 2010

200810; Night Out After Work

Yesterday after work I met with some of my colleagues to go to a brewery.
It was fun and we had many glasses of beer, even though I'm not that into beer ;).
After a delicious dinner we walked through a historical part of Rotterdam, Delfshaven.
Such a gorgeous place with an amazing view.
We had some drinks at several places.
A long night with drinks, fun and cocktails afterwards...
Crochet Dress; Topshop
Golden Sandals; Ebay

19 August 2010

190810; Fall Into Maxi Love

It's time to take my maxi skirt out the closet again.
This skirt it's a great item for the fall weather, which is the the case in The Netherlands at the moment.
The simple design makes this skirt so versatible.
I can wear it with so many differents items.
And you can wear black with just everything.
Black Maxi Skirt; New Look
Black Wedges; Asos
Brown Power Shoulder Jacket; Supertrash
Nude See Trough Dress/Top; H&M

18 August 2010

After Midnight...

Sometimes after midnight I take a cocktail or two.
Cocktails are my favorite drink, its sweet and it can be so colorful.
My favorite of the moment is the Mojito!
Celebrate the beginning of a new day in this dark night...
The winner of my birthday giveaway has been chosen.
Congrats to Michelle from Fashionstarr!