30 September 2010

290910; Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

After a girls night out, I just came back home.
It was so much fun!
Seeing my girls for the last time before I will leave them for 11 weeks.
The whole night we drunk prosecco, prosecco and yes more prosecco...
Swinging our hips around and most of all: enjoying the night.
We girls just wanna have fun!
Brown Trousers; Mango
Brown Fur Scarf; Asos
Pink Shoes; Zara
White Ruffle Top; Unknown

26 September 2010

240910; Fall Approve

Shearling: check.
Brown: check.
Wedges: check.
My new shoes are definitely fall approve.

I actually wasn't allowed to buy any new items, to save money for the trip.
..But how could I resist these beauties?!
They are made for walking and its definitely a great item for this fall season.
Brown Shearling Wedges; Bershka
Ripped Jeans; DIY
White Blouse Dress; H&M

22 September 2010

220910; FALLing Into Pieces

Since yesterday it's officially fall.
But Fall seems to be gentle with us, for a day or two.
Probably the last warm days for September in The Netherlands and I'm enjoying every minute of it!
With the sun shining today I couldn't resist to wear a dress with bare legs.
And what do I need more than my worker boots and aviator jacket, just like the last few days.
The best combination for this season if you ask me!
Aviator Leather Jacket; Asos
Black Worker Boots; Ebay
Flower One Shoulder Dress; Johann Earl

20 September 2010

200910; You Make It Real For Me

The last day of my long weekend break I spent together with my bf.
We slept till noon and had a delicious breakfast.
After eating our stomach full, we got dressed up with a comfy outfit and we went out in the city of Rotterdam.
Spending hours in shops and drooling over all the beautiful clothes I want to buy.
I have to save my money for the trip, so no new buys for me for now...
Black Worker Boots; Ebay
Grey Jersey Shorts; Forever21
Nude Boyfriend Blazer; Asos
White Top; H&M

17 September 2010

170910; Weekend Break

Weekend has started and I'm off work for four days.
I want to relax now and hang out with my family and my love.
Dress up and party a little bit...
Enjoy your weekend!
Black Leather Jacket; Asos
Black Worker Boots; Ebay
Fur Circle Scarf; DIY
Knotted Skirt; Asos
White Blouse; H&M

14 September 2010

140910; Work It Out

Today I finally received my worker boots.
It was love at first sigh when I saw them on Ebay.
I had to buy some boots before I left for my worldtrip.
And these boots are perfect to walk for hours.
Work it out, baby!
Have a great evening.
Black Aviator Jacket; Asos
Black Worker Boots; Ebay
White Chiffon Dress; Mango

11 September 2010

110910; Quality Time

Today I spent some quality time with my parents and little sister.
Three weeks left till I will be on the roadbwith my twinsis...
I will miss them a lot.
The weather was amazing and I took a bike ride with my little sister.
Thanks for always taking my pictures, whenever I ask you Mai!
Have a great weekend.
Brown Trousers; Mango
Brown Studded Wedges; Aldo
Nude Bustier; Asos
White Blouse Dress/ Top; H&M

08 September 2010

Romantic Walk At The Beach

On monday after a whole day in Haarlem, we went to the beach.
We took a long walk at the beach with the beautiful sunset on the background.
The view was gorgeous.
For this year it will be our last time together at the beach for a romantic walk.
And when the sun went under, we arrived in Amsterdam for a sushi dinner.
The sushi at Kyoto Cafe was delicious..
You can never go wrong with sushi!
Black Maxi Skirt; Newlook
Golden Sandals; Ebay
Leather Aviator Jacket; Asos
Printed Skirt; Something Else By Natalie Wood