19 October 2010

City Travel; Washington DC And New York City

After becoming one with nature, it was time to socialize with the people in the city again.
We started in Washington DC, the capital city of the USA.
We visited a lot of monuments, all over the city.
And of course we could not leave Washington DC, without visiting the White house. And before we knew it, we saw Michelle Obama passing by.
There was another surprise waiting for us.
We got free tickets to visit the backyards of the White house.
Here we had a really close look at the house. It was surprisingly small and very white.
It was a day full of unexpected moments.

In Washington DC we learned a lot about the history of the United States. There is a well known sentence: E Pluribus Unum; out of many, one.

And the Big Apple, our next stop is for sure one out of many.
It was our last minute decision to come to the city that never sleeps.
There are so many things to do and we had just two days ahead of us.
The days were filled with all the things we wanted to see and do.
We took the ferry to Staten Island, to see the Statue Of Liberty. Walking from financial disrict to Soho and the way back to Fifth Avenue. We had bubble tea in China town and before we knew it we decided to have a new haircut there as well.

In Brooklyn we had a good sushi lunch. Grand central station and Rockafeller Center were also on our “to do list”.
When the sun was under, we walked over the Manhattan Bridge, to see the skyline of New York by night. And took the subway to The Times Square for a really good New York Style cheesecake.

Now we just have a few hours left and then it is already time to leave this amazing city.


  1. Super gaaf en wat heb je een mooie top aan@

  2. Weer superleuke pics & outfits!

  3. What a beautiful city!!!
    U look gorgeous!!

    Hope to see u in my blog!


  4. Ik ben zo jaloers dat je daar bent, die plekken zijn geweldig echt! Geweldige foto's!

  5. you take amazingg photos !!! <3333333

    love love love !!!

    and how awesome to get free passes !! and michelle obama !! i've never been near the whitehouse.. i just take pics from the gate.. lol.. lucky you! looks like you had mucho fun ! =)

  6. Ik ben verliefd op je top! & mooie foto's meid!

  7. Wow die laatste outfit is echt tof!
    &Mooie foto's!

  8. ooh! beautiful photos!
    and you look great =)

  9. Great trip! :] I'm so jealous!
    I dream about visiting the Smithsonian. Maybe one day... :)

  10. Wonderful photos.
    kisses of a Shopaholic.

  11. prachtige foto's! vooral die waar jij in de center van de foto staat:)

  12. aww adorable!! your visiting near where im from! i live in the u.s.a. New york and D.C. are such busy places!! i live in Virginia I know your having loads of fun! :)

  13. Wow, you do travel a lot, don't you? I love that asymmetric top, so gorgeous! Hope you're having a blast :)

    The November Girl

  14. die one sleeve top is echt geweldig!!


  15. Mooie foto's!!! Leuk dat je het Witte Huis hebt gezien en je jasje is zeer tof.

    Leuk dat je blouse van je moeder is :)

  16. Wat een gave foto's!^^ Ik vind die outfit met de zwarte top echt geweldig!! Ook de foto midden in het stadion is echt geweldig^^

  17. One day i will visit USA,for sure!!
    great jacket,by the way.

  18. Great pics!
    I want to go USA soon!

  19. oh girl everything is amazing!! i'm so happy that you're enjoying this very cool holiday, it's so exciting!!! and you're very stilish, of course. perfect for the big apple ;)

    please pleaseeee send me some cheesecake :)))

  20. gahhhh so amazing you got to see michelle obama AND got those tickets!!!! so awesome! dc is one of my favorite places and i need to plan a trip there once i have the funds! everything is so pretty there!! i love these picture so so much!

  21. You are a fashion and travel addict like me:))
    I love your photos and your blog!

  22. Echt zoo geweldig! Wish I could be there too.. Geniet van je laatste paar uurtjes in NY! Ben benieuwd naar je volgende stop!

    xx Cristi

  23. love your high waisted denim shorts with the assymetric top, have fun int he US!!

  24. Amaziiiiiiiing photos! :) You look really pretty.

  25. awesome pics, ure so cute!
    rat xinh :p

  26. Die foto van jou in het station = geweldig!!

  27. What een prachtige fotos!! Ik hoop dat je SUPER veel plezier hebt in Amerika!!

    Superprachtigmooibeautifulgorgeous zie je er ook uit!
    laave it.

    xx Nadine

  28. wow!!! just stunning photos ;)
    you look very good!

  29. Wat een mooie fotos!! Vooral die ene waarbij jij als enige stilstaat op het station en al die mensen bewegen, echt prachtig!!

  30. Super leuke foto's weer!
    Have fun!

  31. I realy love those cities!!! Especially NY!

    Nice photos!